Earthenware (low fire)

This group offers several calcareous compositions whose recommended firing temperature is between 1000º and 1050ºC. These materials are supplied in spray dried powder, casting slip or plastic body. They are porous ceramic bodies, suitable for general use in twice firing processes and permit every kind of decorations: painted under glaze, decals, gold, lustres…. All of them are updated and optimized compositions of ancient calcareous majolica, which had made Manises famous for the quality of its ceramics.

We offer different qualities according to the colour, way of working (throwing, modelling, extruding, pressing) and the firing temperature.

The commercial names of our most common Majolica are (EUROPA-AT; SUPER-MP; LOZA-MP, LISTELOS-AT; BARROCO-AT, ANDUZE-AT; MAYOLICA-CH, SANGIL-MP…) Please contact us for more information (Technical Data Sheets) or any new development you may need

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