The Group C100 is composed by porcelains with different alumina content. Siliceous porcelains (Sub-groups C110, C111 and C112) apply in low voltage areas. Porcelains with improved electrical, mechanical and thermal properties are produced by exchanging quartz (SiO₂) for alumina (Al₂O₃). The outstanding properties of aluminous porcelains are: very high strength even under permanent thermal load, and favourable long-term behaviour in outdoor conditions. Aluminous porcelain is mostly used for outdoor post insulator. Nowadays VICAR has materials according the norm C110, C111, C120 and C130. Besides, we can develop new products according to customer specifications.

Some of our standard products are EPOR-MIX-AT, EPOR-LTR-AT and EPOR-DUR-AT. See our Technical Ceramics catalogue and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information (Technical Data Sheets) or any new development you may need.

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