Engobs and ceramic bodies for tiles

VICAR has developed ceramic bodies for tile production, especially for tiles and complement pieces (for example frieze tiles or decorative borders). These compositions are suitable for different working methods (pressure casting, uniaxial pressing…). Our most common products are CENEFAS-MP y LISTELOS-AT.

VICAR also offers spray dried engobs for pottery and tiles, according to colours (yellow, black, black, brown…) and according to the different ceramic application (low temperature, stoneware, porcelain…). Our most common products are ENGOBE-BISBAL-AT, ENGOBE-AUBAGNE-AT and ENGOBE-SAFI-AT. Regarding glazes, we have transparent glossy glaze for porcelains.

Furthermore, we have at disposal for our customers biscuit tiles (size 15,1 x 15,1 centimetres)
Please visit our Catalogue at “Download” section, this catalogue shows a summary of our most common products, but we also have available customized compositions according to customer requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any question you may have.

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