Group C600 includes compositions with high content of mullite (3Al₂O₃.2SiO₂). It comprises sub-groups C610 and C620, depending on the alumina content. C610 compositions have between 50-65% of alumina content, and C620 compositions have between 65-80% of alumina content. The microstructure of this material is composed of mullite, corundum and a vitreous phase with low porosity levels. Mullites are dense materials with excellent properties: high strength, low thermal expansion, high resistance to corrosion and high resistance to creep at high temperatures. Applications include thermocouple protection tubes, carrying rollers for high temperature, molten metal handling, roller kilns, refractory parts for foundry… Nowadays VICAR has materials according the norm C610 and C620; besides it’s also possible to develop new products according to customer requirements.

Some of our standard products are MUL-6202X-AT, MIL-6212P-AT, REF-FRAME1450-PO. See our Technical Ceramics catalogue and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information (Technical Data Sheets) or any new development you may need

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