Porcelain is a ceramic material, traditionally white. It’s compact, fragile, tough, translucent, waterproof, with low elasticity and highly resistant to chemical attack and thermal shock. Porcelain is used to manufacture various products such as tableware, lamps, sculptures, ornamental and decorative elements. For industrial applications (insulators, electroporcelains) please visit our catalogue of Technical Ceramics. Over the years, and thanks to our R&D department, we have developed excellent whiteness porcelain, as well as optimal glazes for these porcelains. We offer POR-03C-AT, a porcelain slip casting with good plasticity. The POR-SW17P-AT, served in spray dried powder, very white and excellent for applications such as Photoceramics. In plastic mass we offer PORCELAIN-MP.

Please visit our Catalogue at “Download” section, this catalogue shows a summary of our most common products, but we also have available personalized compositions according to customer requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any question you may have.

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