Refractory – Crucibles

REFRACTORY BODIES and BODIES FOR CRUCIBLES. This generic name includes different materials used for the production of refractory elements, murals, sculptures, or any other applications that require high firing temperature. These compositions are usually made by mixing refractory clays and diverse chamotte (grog) qualities. The particle size of these bodies normally arrives to 3 mm, in order to help the resistance of the tensions caused by the gross thickness of the final parts or by the thermal shock. We also include in this section special bodies for the manufacturing of crucibles. They can be used for covering graphite crucibles or directly in foundry of precious metals.

Some of our standard products are CR-DENTAL-G20-PO, CR14T-PO, CR14-PO. See our Technical Ceramics catalogue and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information (Technical Data Sheets) or for any new development you may need.

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