Steatite is a ceramic material composed by natural raw materials, mainly soapstone (magnesium silicate), clay, feldspar or barium carbonates as fluxes. Steatite has excellent dielectric properties, and it has been used for years in electrical engineering, electronic and heat engineering. Some examples of applications are: sockets, control housings, insulating beads, low-voltage power fuses and base plates. Steatites belong to magnesium silicates group (C200 group). The type of flux affects the electrical characteristics and leads to the following differentiation: steatite for low-frequency (C210), normal steatite (C220), and special steatite with “low loss factor” (C221).

Some of our standard products are ST-3D-AT, ST-EX3-AT, ST-V4-AT, ST-FUN-AT. See our Technical Ceramics catalogue and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information (Technical Data Sheets) or for any new development you may need

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