Earthenware is mainly composed by clays, quartz, feldspar. Their main features are its strength and its low water absorption, once it’s fired at the corresponding vitreous sintering temperature. Firing temperature of our stoneware bodies is between 1200°C and 1300°C, depending on the composition of each product.

We offer different qualities, according to colour and way of working it (Throwing, modelling, pressing, extruding) and the temperature.

We have at your disposal low firing temperature stoneware (VITREOGRES-AT o VITREOGRES-MP), medium firing temperature (GRES-ALBA-AT), or high firing temperature stoneware like GRES-ART13-AT or GRES-130-MP. Besides, we offer grogged stoneware or refractory bodies. Please visit our Catalogue at “Download” section, this catalogue shows a summary of our most common products, but we also have available personalized compositions according to customer requirements.

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