About us

About us

“VICAR, more than 100 years of experience at ceramics”

VICAR, S.A is a company located in Manises (Valencia, Spain) which manufactures ceramic bodies and raw materials.

VICAR is specialized in two main areas. From one side, the traditional ceramics suitable for handcraft, pottery, sanitaryware, tableware, tiles, refractory… We offer different ceramics compositions ready to use, such us porcelains, clays, majolica, stoneware and engobs.

From the other hand, we are also specialized at Technical Ceramics, and we produce ceramic powders (or plastic mass) ready to use for extrusion, pressing and casting. The compositions we offer are: steatites, porcelains, cordierites, alumina, mullite, porous bodies…

VICAR’s manufacturing plant includes a Production Plant (wet mills, spray dryers, intensive mixers, crushers, filter-pressers, shivers, raw material warehouses…), a Pilot Plant for small batches and samples, and finally a Laboratory for quality control and R&D activities.


VICAR was founded in 1972, from a merger between two family companies (Vila and Carpintero) which since 1913 had been working on the production of ceramic bodies and raw materials.

From the beginning, VICAR supplied ceramic bodies to all artistic companies (handcraft, tableware, sanitaryware, tiles…) placed at Manises and all over the country. Over the years, these products were exported overseas, including European countries, and north of Africa.

By the end of the 80’s, being aware of market’s evolution, VICAR started to developed a new range of products in the fields of Technical Ceramics. Nowadays we are the main manufacturing company at Spain specialized in Technical Ceramics compositions.

Due to company’s growth, at the beginning of 2000 VICAR moved to new facilities, increasing its production capacity.

At present time, our products are distributed in more than 20 countries around the world.

Our success is thanks to VICAR’s team effort through many decades, and thanks to all our customers, who have always trusted us.


Vicar added value

Knowledge. VICAR has a technical and commercial team with many years of experience and knowledge at ceramics.

Business sense. The fact of being a manufacturing private company has given us a global view of the sector (markets, customers, vendors, raw materials, innovating processes, quality…)

Focused on solutions. Our team is used to provide solutions to the continuous market challenges.

Experience. VICAR has many years of experience at innovating. Our efforts are focused on improving the products, dealing with customers and optimizing manufacturing processes.

Looking at future. VICAR always searches for new opportunities, because we are aware that market challenges always lead to growth opportunities. R&D activities are a must in our company.