Technical Ceramics Powders

Technical Ceramics Powders

From the beginning of the 90’s, VICAR promoted the field of Technical Ceramics and nowadays we are the main producer at Spain in this kind of compositions.

The application areas of these ceramic powders are several: high tech coatings, high resistance alumina parts, fuse parts, filters, insulators, crucibles, burners, heaters, photoceramics, lamp holders, perfume diffusers, ceramic valves, capillary tubes, mixing valves taps…

You can visit our Technical Ceramics Catalogue at “Download” section. This catalogue shows a selection of our most common products. Besides, we offer customized products according to customer requirements. Please contact us for more information about new developments or to obtain the Technical Data Sheets.

Our products are served in spray dried powder, plastic mass o liquid. Products are packed in 25 kg plastic bags or 1 Ton Big Bag. These compositions are suitable for uniaxial or isostatic pressing, casting or pressing casting.

We classify the powders according to NORM IEC 60672: