Research & Development

There is no doubt that Vicar’s growth has always been linked to the great effort and investment on R&D. Our R&D activities are carried out in different ways (individually, partnerships, private funds, European funds…) All these efforts have led to many successes. Due to the nature of our business, R&D it’s a priority activity, in order to offer our customers the product that best fits them. Our goal is to develop the most innovating products with added value, always pursuing market challenges.

Good results are reflected in all prizes and recognition. Due to the fact our R&D career is extensive, we describe below some examples of it.



Project “CORDIERITE ADVANCE MANUFACTURING”, funded by the CDTI through the transnational call for MANUNET projects.


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Project “Advanced Feedstock for Ceramic Injection Moulding Applications“, which has been funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, through Horizonte Pyme 2015 aid. It belongs to the Business Leadership State Program of R+D+i, within the scientific, technical and innovation State framework.


Project Iberoeka “Bincent: Development of new products with high features, applied to construction and nautical industry, built from agro-industrial wastes and polymeric materials”. Financed by CDTI and European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).

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Alfa oro

VICAR has been awarded with the prize “Alfa de Oro” in 1977, recognising its effort and added value in ceramics, specially, thanks to the technical contributions at the development of low fire ceramic bodies for artistic ceramics.


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