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The founders of VICAR are named as honorary members of the Spanish Society of Ceramics and Glass

Since it was founded, the SECV has invited distinguished members for their relevance and dedication to industrial growth through knowledge, research and innovation. In recognition of their hard work in their profession, the Spanish Society of Ceramics and Glass invite honorary members to join their society. This recognition is presented during a National Congress of the Spanish Society of Ceramics and Glass.

1974 Mr. Antonio García Verduch

1985 Mr. Salvador de Aza Pendás
1989 Mr. José María Fernández Navarro
1993 Mr. Jesús Rincón López
1997 Mr. José Ramón Jurado Egea
2011 Mr. Emilio Criado Herrero
2016 Mr. Arturo Domínguez Rodríguez
2016 Ms. Carmen Baudín Lastra
2016 Mr. Francisco Capel del Águila
2018 Mr. José Serafín Moya Corral
2019 Mr. Rafael Vila
2019 Ms. Carmen Carpintero
2020 Ms. Alicia Durán
2020 Mr. Jaime Sánchez